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Rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs in need


Welcome to Better Days! We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We do not have a shelter - our dogs live in foster homes and private boarding accommodations around the valley.

  • Our dogs are usually rehomed in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area. 
  • Our standard adoption fee is $400. For puppies, the fee is collected when the Foster To Adopt period begins; for adult dogs, it is collected when the Adoption becomes final. (Read more about our placement process below.)

We are unpaid volunteers who use our personal resources to help our dogs. We gratefully accept donations and grants, but the vast majority of vetting, training, and care is self-funded and no expense is spared in meeting the needs of our dogs and puppies. So that we may get to know the needs of each dog, they remain in the rescue for period of time before placement. Puppies are quarantined for medical assessment and treatment, then brought into foster care for socializing. 

We use an application protocol to handle all inquiries - a system that enables an efficiency that allows us to save and care for more dogs. Discussion about a dog, including scheduling of a home check or other dialogue, does not occur unless and until we've received your completed application. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our mission is to place each dog into a loving, forever home that is suited to the dog's particular needs. Our adoption process is methodical and deliberate, and places the best interest of the dog above all else. New dogs are often first posted on our website as sponsorship-only status. This allows our previous adopters, donors, and those who may be fans of our rescue to "favorite" and follow a dog's progress. 

Once a dog has been extensively vetted and is in optimal healthy condition, we activate their profile (an individual web page created just for that dog) to broadcast to nearly 50 pet-search sites. Dogs remain posted while we screen applications. This is not a first-come-first-serve process, we are searching for best fit for each dog’s needs. If you apply for a specific dog and we believe that a different dog - or one that is not yet posted - may be a fit for you, we will let you know!

  • Please view all of our adoptable animals here
  • If you have questions about a specific dog, please complete an  adoption application
  • We encourage you to register on our site and "Favorite" the dogs that interest you so that you will be notified when bio, photos, or status are updated.
Applicants receive an email acknowledgement; if clarification or more  information is needed, we’ll reach out by email or by phone. Home checks are scheduled only for applicants that appear to be a very close match, and we ask that all family members be present so that we may meet and get to know you. We perform a quick, security-focused walk-thru of your backyard, and require that fences be “footed” and at least six feet high, and that gates be padlocked and have a “dog-proof” threshold (cement or pavers). Once our Placement Team discusses and approves, the applicants are invited to meet the dog. 

Our adoptions begin with a foster-to-adopt period of, at minimum, several weeks. During this time, we remain in close touch, requesting frequent updates. A professional trainer or behavioralist is often employed for proper introductions of the new dog and other companion animals in the home. Depending on the transition, addition training sessions may take place. Adoption takes place when all parties are satisfied that the arrangement should be made permanent. 

Our adopters become part of the Better Days family. In order to be a resource for the development and success of the dogs, we strive to maintain ongoing communication with adoptive families. Microchips remain under our rescue's name; we do not transfer them, but instead add our adopters’ contact info to the registry. Telephone and address information can rapidly change, so we take this extra step to remain on standby, available to ensure the safe status of each dog. We stand by each dog and will resume ownership and care of a dog if needed. 

Fosters play a critical role in our ability to save dogs.
If you can foster overnight or longer, please complete our online foster application!

Volunteers are an integral part of our rescue!
If you'd like to help, please complete our volunteer application!