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Animal Success Stories
If you have donated to help support the care of a specific BDR dog and you'd like an update, please let us know!

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Little Bear was found limping on the street. He was taken to an animal welfare organization that did not feel they could find a family for a seven year old gentleman with distinguished whiskers. We disagreed and were able to place him with wonderful adopters who also have a nine year old dog companion for Mr. Bear. 


Like so many BDR dogs, Barron was on the euthanasia list at a crowded shelter simply because Valley Fever had turned his health upside down. Look at him now....well and well-loved.


Barkley is exactly the mellow, grateful dog his family was looking for! He has lots of human siblings and a live-in Grandma, and he is thriving. His physique has blossomed with all the continual walks and play.


Unsurprisingly, Bailey has been a blessing to her adopters. They enjoy her companionship and she loves them dearly! Bailey came to us as a stray who had endured some years of neglect. Those days are over and she is the treasure and centerpiece of her home.


Once a yard dog in a rural area, Duncan now lives in the suburbs with active adopters who help him enjoy the local hiking trails and greenbelts. He is also a fan of air-conditioning!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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