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Animal Success Stories
If you have donated to help support the care of a specific BDR dog and you'd like an update, please let us know!

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Minnie came to us from a faraway region of the state. We don't always know our dogs' "stories" but we learned that Minnie's prior humans had only the tiniest of yards and were impatient with her high activity level. Minnie's #fureverfamily has a large yard/pool, and Minnie travels with them for part of the year. She frequents the ocean and cooler climates, where she can run and play and be appreciated for being her sweet, busy self!


Sweet Molly was overlooked in the shelter because she had a painful eye condition. Our eye vet specialist diagnosed Molly with pannus, and it's easily treated with drops. Molly also wears UV-safe goggles for walking and hiking! Her new family adores her -- yes that is her daddy lying on the floor in the photo, so that Molly could have the sofa...... Can we say, "spoiled princess"?? I think we can :o)


Moe, aka Mae West, enjoying a lazy moment. When rescued from a lifetime of being chained outdoors, Moe was gaunt and very ill. She underwent major surgery for mammary tumors, and is cancer-free. She now lives an active retirement in a beautiful home with a wonderful family who love her!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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