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Animal Success Stories
If you have donated to help support the care of a specific BDR dog and you'd like an update, please let us know!

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Bernard makes his family laugh every day! He enjoys an active life with lots of dog friends in his extended family! Bernard was one of six #RavinePups - read is original bio for a link to their story.


Bubba charmed us all! We love his heart and his new family... Bubba even gets to spend time with his old friend, BDR alum Sunny! When we're lucky enough to see Bubba, he makes us feel special all over again. What a dog!


We KNEW that Bert was destined for far greater things than a dusty, rural shelter! LOOK at him relaxing poolside, king of his house, and loving every minute of the neighborhood doggie playgroup! WE LOVE OUR ADOPTERS!


Hard to believe that gorgeous Belle was an unclaimed stray! She was scooped up by an amazing family who, at first, had only one other dog - a handsome, senior Beagle. As luck would have it, they later noticed BDR's "Sky" and scooped her up as well! These dogs are livin' the active outdoor lifestyle and loving it!


Rescued dog Boss now enjoys BETTER DAYS in a family who adores him! Don't worry - it's not all lazing around! In addition to living the good life, Boss takes his new duties very seriously - he explores and plays on a lucsious green horse property.

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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