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We use an application-only protocol. Click here for our Adoption Application. (Not ready to adopt? Click here for our Foster Application.)

It is not unusual for a dog to be posted for some time before a placement decision is made. We make contact with applicants only if clarification is needed concerning the application, or if we would like to schedule a home visit.

Home visits are a means of meeting everyone who lives in the household, and anyone else (extended family, nanny etc.) who spends time in the home. Our focus is generally on home and yard security, as pertains to the safety needs of the particular dog.

Once a home visit has taken place, if all are in agreement, the next step is for the potential adopters to meet and get to know the dog. If it appears to be a match, a representative of Better Days (and perhaps a trainer*) will bring the dog to the new home, usually on a Saturday morning or other day when the family have a couple of consecutive "at-home" days to allow everyone adjust to the new routine. 

*Individual circumstances (such as if there is another pet in the home) determine whether a behavioralist/trainer is used to do a proper introduction in order to begin the new relationship on a positive tone.

If all goes well, a foster-to-adopt (F2A) period will begin, where the dog and the new family begin to settle in together. At that time, a Foster-To-Adopt Agreement is signed. Most F2A periods last only a few weeks. Many (in the case of young puppies or dogs requiring training) extend for a protracted period of weeks or months. While a very young dog bonds with the new family, milestones like spay/neuter or any mandatory training (such as Puppy Kindergarten/Basic Obedience and Intermediate/Canine Good Citizen) take place.

When everyone is confident that the new dog is a perfect fit, it is time for adoption to be finalized! At this time, an Adoption Agreement is signed, the adopter name and contact information is added to the dog's microchip, and the County dog license is transferred to the adopter.

Happy Dogs + Happy Adopters = Successful Placement!