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We are unpaid volunteers who use our personal resources to help our dogs. We gratefully accept donations and grants, but the majority of vetting, training, and care is self-funded and no expense is spared in meeting the needs of our dogs and puppies.

We use an application protocol to handle all inquires, which enables us to save and care for more dogs. It is not unusual for a dog to be posted for some time before a placement decision is made. This is NOT a first-come-first-served process, we search for the absolute best fit for each dog’s needs. If you apply for a specific dog and we believe that a different dog - or one that is not yet posted - may be a fit for you, we will let you know!

Discussion about a dog, including scheduling of a home check or other dialogue, does not occur unless and until we've received your completed Adoption ApplicationNO EXCEPTIONS.

NOTE: Please DO NOT apply to adopt a puppy or dog that requires training UNLESS you are prepared to begin that training within the F2A timeframe specified by BDR. If you do not begin training within the prescribed timeframe, the rescue can and will reclaim the dog so that it can be placed with adopters who will make training a priority.

Applicants receive an email acknowledgement. (Didn't receive one? Please check your spam folder!) 

We contact applicants only if clarification is needed or if we'd like to schedule a home visit. During the visit, we like to get to know everyone in the household. We perform a quick, security-focused walk-thru of your backyard. Fences must be “footed” and at least six feet high; gates be padlocked and have a “dog-proof” threshold (cement or pavers). 

Approval is sometimes subject to discussion with other members of the BDR Team. Once approved, potential adopters are invited to meet and get to know the dog. If all are in agreement, a representative of Better Days will bring the dog to the new home at a date and time that will allow everyone to adjust to the new routine. 

On delivery day, a foster-to-adopt (F2A) period will begin, with a signed Foster-To-Adopt Agreement. Some F2A periods last only a few weeks. Many (in the case of young puppies or dogs requiring training) extend for a protracted period of weeks or months. This permits the new puppy or dog to bond with the adopters while they reach important milestones like immunizations, minimum age for spay/neuter, or completion of mandatory training.

During the F2A period, we request frequent updates to show, in photos, video, and words, how the adjustment period is progressing. 

Once the milestones are reached and everyone is confident that the new dog and the humans are a perfect fit, the adoption will be finalized! An Adoption Agreement is signed, the adopter name and contact information is added to the dog's microchip, and the County dog license is transferred to the adopter.

Happy Dogs + Happy Adopters = Successful Placement!

Our adopters become part of the Better Days family. In order to serve as a resource for the development and success of our alumni dogs, we strive to maintain ongoing communication with and accessibility to adoptive families. Microchips remain registered to Better Days Rescue and the the adopters’ contact information is added to their dog's record. We take this extra step in order to be available to ensure the safe status of each dog.

We stand by each dog and will resume ownership and care of a dog if needed.

(Not ready to permanently adopt a dog? Click here for our Foster Application!)